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And finally... - Palabra Jot - Palabra Jot
And finally...
... so, it seems like an appropriate time to do this -- given that a) it's my birthday, and totally unrelated, b) the new season of TPiR starts up soon.

It's no secret that my posting in this LJ has gone into major decline in the last year. Looking back at my posts over the last year, I'd say a good 95% of them are Friday TPiR posts. Which, yeah, are totally fun... but obviously, aren't of that much substance.

I just can't pretend like this LJ is still an active part of my life anymore. With Facebook and Twitter... long-form blogging has gone to the wayside. Plus, I have a Tumblr that I'm using to post photos, witty quotes, and such...

In short -- there are other options out there, and LJ is just getting left to the wayside.

I still come by. I still read entries from y'all. But I just can't pretend like LJ has the same impact on my life it did in 2002.

Everything will still be here, still open for y'all to read. And y'all still mean very much to me -- after all, y'all spent a good portion of my life with me.

Thank you.

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murg From: murg Date: September 19th, 2011 07:04 am (UTC) (Link)
You have spent all this time pretending it was a big part of your life? ;)
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